Friday, November 16, 2012

I Wonder

I wonder why Christians are so vocal and outraged when non-Christians
object to the public display of a cross yet we are silent when it comes to providing food for hungry children. Which is more important the public display of the cross or following Jesus  who died on the cross? Which is more important the public display of the ten commandments or  keeping the commandments? These questions deserve answers. Is it possible that when people look at Christians they see a disconnect between what that say versus what they do? I wonder?

I work as a volunteer at a Christian Service Center in  Granbury, Texas and we have partnered with two local schools to provide weekend food for kids who do not have adequate food to eat on the weekends. We provide food for 70 kids. There are a couple of other faith based groups doing the same thing we are doing yet there are still other schools that have hungry children and no one is helping them. I wonder why? Some say well it is not in our budget and it cost too much. If there is no money then why are all the restaurants full of Christians on Sundays  after attending worship?

 I am thankful Jesus did not say the cost is too high for me to die on the cross.

I have thought a lot lately about these difficult questions and I have decided it all boils down to our focus. Are we internally or externally focused? If we are internally focused we look after our own interest. We want  a comfortable place to worship and the sermon needs to be short because our time is valuable. We want to feel good after our worship experience after all God wants us to be happy.

If we are externally focused we will look after the interest of others following the model of Christ. Did not Jesus say that he came to do the will of his Father? Did he not die on the cross so that others (like us) might live?

So I ask you, should there be hungry children in a community that has more millionaires than most cities our size in Texas?  I wonder?

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