Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Social Media"

Social Media as a means to communicate is all new to me. When I was recently using the Bible to teach English in Cambodia my students kept asking me if I was on Face book. They all wanted my e-mail address. So I ask myself , Do I really want to join the Face book crowd? Do I want to spend hour after hour following all my friends every move. Sorry, not really. Do I have a thousand or more people waiting with baited breath to discover what I am doing. Not a chance! In thinking about it I might have one person who cares what I have planned for the day and I am married to her. To be honest she just wants to know whether I am going to be at home interfering with her plans for the day.
Well since I am not a prime candidate for Face book, What about a blog?  I think a blog might just work for me because it will be good therapy for me to write down my thoughts.  Who knows maybe some of my friends or family might occasionally get bored and want to read what I have been thinking about. As for my new friends in Cambodia, I would love for you to e-mail me and tell me what is happening in your life but I am sorry you will not find me on Face book.

Gee Man

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  1. Dad,
    I am glad you have a blog. Now I can keep tabs on you.