Saturday, June 16, 2012

Clean Pure Water

I have fond memories as a young boy of riding horseback two days a week checking on the welfare of about 300 sheep and approximately 50 cattle. I was about 12 years old. I rode in the heat of the day and the highlight of that experience was stopping at a cool  water spring to quench my thirst.  I assumed that every child always had access to pure water.

I  know now that is not true. Many other small boys in  the world today are taking care of cattle and sheep  and they get thirsty too. Unlike me they have to drink water from  contaminated pools because they do not have access to clean water. Eighty- percent of all childhood diseases come from drinking  contaminated water. Some of these diseases are fatal.

Healing Hands International is working to change that. They are drilling water wells all over the world in order to provide clean water for all children.  In the USA God has blessed us with the financial resources to ensure that every child has access to clean water. How will we respond to these children?

My spouse and I have decided to partner with Healing Hands International in Nashville, TN. We are going to drill  a water well in memory of my mother Pauline Ringener Martin. She would be so pleased if she were alive. Many of my brothers and sisters at our place of worship have also helped provide clean water. Working together over the past two years we have helped drill 11 water wells which will provide clean water for approximately 36,000 people. With the drilling of every well comes the opportunity to tell people about the ever lasting eternal water that comes through Jesus Christ. (John 4: 13-14)



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